Belshaw Donut Robot® Mark II (Natural Gas or Propane) (4 variations available in Variants) Standard Donuts with Mini Donut Option

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This gas-heated donut maker produces high quality, well formed cake donuts right out of the box. Capacity is approximately 37 dozen per hour. With a mini donut conversion kit, you can make both full size and mini donuts. This machine runs on gas and just a small amount of 120V or 240V power, so you can take it with you almost anywhere!

  • Gas heated donut machine with electrically powered conveyor and depositor
  • Capacity approximately 37 dozen donuts per hour
  • Requires only 360 Watts of power for conveyor and despositor
  • Deposits 2 standard size donuts per conveyor row
  • 40,000 BTU per hourNatural Gas and Liquid Propane models available (specify at purchase)
  • Makes consistent, well rounded donuts with synchronized depositor
  • Makes excellent yeast raised donuts with the addition of optional Feed Table, Trays, and Cloths
  • Makes mini donuts with optional mini donut hopper and plunger, which will deposit 4 mini donuts per row. (Part # MK-1502-1, see accessories).
  • Mini donut capacity will be approximately 109 dozen/hour
  • Speed is adjustable by dial on control panel
  • Dial for adjusting size of donut
  • Automatic conveyor with automatic donut turner
  • Outfeed belt dispenses donuts into collection device such as Roto-Cooler
  • High temperature shut-down switch
  • Hopper, plunger, and conveyor, and kettle are all removable for easy cleaning

  • Not compatible with Insider Ventless Cabinet (only compatible with electric models)