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Pan Washers / Dishwashers

Pan Washers are the item that Donut Shops and Bakery operators often overlook, Pan Washers are critical to the success of their operation. A employee washing dishes at 15.00 and hour will cost the operation 120.00 a day. If the operation is open 6 days a week. this is 300 days a year totaling to $37,152.00 spent for washing pans and dishes. 

If you are a small operation this may be a job you try doing your self at the sink. This will cause you to be less successful or even failure. To be successful your hours should be spent promoting your business to create more sales. Don't create a job for your self that creates lower productivity. Pan washers are more effective and allow you to have fewer employees. Pan Washers are washing the load of equipment, and are only needing 4 to 7 minutes depending on the degree of cleaning required. Allowing you and your staff to be doing other task then standing at a sink washing dishes.

Most types of commercial dishwashers come as low-temp and high-temp varieties. As you can assume just by looking at the names, the difference lies in the temperature used during the washing cycle. High-temp commercial dishwasher uses high-temperature water of 150-160 degrees to wash the dishes and a final rinse temperature of at least 180 degrees to fully sanitize them. Low-temp commercial dishwasher uses lower-temperature water of between 120 and 140 degrees, which means that it is sometimes unable to completely remove stubborn stains, such as lipstick or greasy residue in just one wash, and that chemical sanitizing agents must be used during the washing cycle.

We offer high-temp because our experience has proven that the hotter temperature remove grease and oils better.