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Oil Max Filters

Developed and manufactured by Sparkler Filters Inc, the Oil-Max System provides optimally efficient, reliable, and user-friendly cooking oil filtration that will please your customers and your budget.


  • The Motor -1/3 H.P. 60 cycle 110-V 5 amp 1 phase temperature 400°F heavy duty.
  • The Pump- High vacuum gear pump suction coupled directly to motor for simplicity and long life -- no coupling problems, no leakage and simple to maintain.
  • The Pot- Constructed of non-corrosive stainless steel, the pot is designed for ease of use, safe operation, durability, and fryer accommodation.
  • The Frame-The motor, pump and pot are assembled on the frame without bolts or screws. Sanitary casters make it easy to move the filter around for use and storage.
  • The Hose- Braided stainless steel designed for high temperature durability. Flexible and smooth internal and external surfaces.  Equipped with insulated handle that can be held with bare hands regardless of oil temperature.
  • Snap-Tite Couplings- Quick connect snap-tite couplings come with a safety lock feature that ensures hose will not come loose during operation.
  • Filter Plate- The stainless steel filter plate is designed to last as long as the filter, and to support the filter medium exposed to any pressure and temperature.
  • Filter Paper- The filter envelope has been selected for optimum porosity, ease of installation, and REPLACEMENT AFTER EVERY USE in the interest of sanitary operation.
  • Sparklaid®- Our Sparklaid® filter aid has been carefully formulated for its ability to chemically adsorb free fatty acids, adsorb discoloration, and form a dynamic media to capture all particulate matter larger than 1/2 micron.