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Electric Depositors

Belshaw Adamatic's Type F depositors operate with the same accuracy and smoothness as Type B depositors, but use an electric motor and trigger handle to deposit cake donuts. The faster stroke rate and easier operation of the Type F reduces frying time variability between the first and last deposits, especially with large fryers. The hand trigger is physically easier on the operator than the Type B's rotary crank mechanism, and donuts can be accurately placed in a fryer with little training or practice.

  • Deposits approximately 115 cake donuts per minute when the trigger is pressed continuously.
  • A half-speed version of the Type F is available at 57 cake donuts/minute (Specify when purchasing)
  • An adjustment dial allows a wide range of deposit sizes
  • Hopper capacity is 15 lbs (7 kg). 

Choose from the Accessories below for:

  • Plungers - for ring donuts, sticks, old fashions, crullers, krinkles and more.
  • Cylinders - any plunger used must be matched by a cylinder of the same size. This cylinder is inserted into the bottom of the hopper. One cylinder can be used with several plungers, as long as the plungers are all the same size as the cylinder.
  • Column Mount or Wall Mount - Type F is compatible with most floor-standing fryers using either a column mount attached to the fryer or a secure wall mount. The column mount is more convenient and more common and will fit Belshaw Adamatic fryers and some other brands. Consult with other brand manufacturers to find out how to combine with a Type F. If a column mount is not possible, a well secured wall mount is a good alternative.
  • The Bracket Arm Height Adjuster is another useful option for easier, more convenient height adjustments.