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50 different factors one should consider with purchasing a commercial fryer.

1. Power source – gas or electric?
2. Capacity – How many servings per hour?
3. Temperature range – Does it meet your cooking needs?
4. Controls – Manual or digital?
5. Size – How much space do you have?
6. Type of fryer – Countertop, floor model or built-in?
7. Design – Open pot or pressure fryer?
8. Features – Automatic shut-off? Timers?
9. Efficiency – How quickly will it heat up?
10. Cost – Is it within your budget?
11. Safety features – Is it UL/NSF certified?
12. Warranty – What is covered and for how long?
13. Maintenance – How easy is it to clean?
14. Ventilation requirements – Does it meet local codes?
15. Oil filtration system – Does it have one?
16. Oil quality – Is the oil pure and free from impurities?
17. Oil capacity – How much oil is needed for frying?
18. Temperature accuracy – Is it adjustable and reliable?
19. Baskets – How many come with the fryer?
20. Freedom of movement – Is it easy to move?
21. Energy efficiency – Does it meet current standards?
22. Noise level – Is it too noisy for your kitchen?
23. Heat retention – Does it keep the oil hot?
24. Grease trap – Does it have one?
25. Drain – Is it easy to clean and maintain?
26. Recovery time – Does it heat up quickly after frying?
27. Basket lifter – Does it have one?
28. Splash guard – Does it protect the operator?
29. Construction – Is it made of durable materials?
30. Splash and splatter protection – Does it have one?
31. Air filtration – Does it have a filter?
32. Heat management system – Does it have one?
33. Automatic oil replenishment – Does it have one?
34. Reverse flow prevention – Does it have one?
35. Oil quality sensor – Does it have one?
36. Temperature sensor – Does it have one?
37. Automatic shut-off – Does it have one?
38. Timer – Does it have one?
39. Easy access – Is it easy to access the fryer from all sides?
40. Water-resistant control panel – Does it have one?
41. Indicator light – Does it have one?
42. Fire suppression system – Does it have one?
43. Oil level indicator – Does it have one?
44. Cleaning supplies – Does it come with the necessary cleaning supplies?
45. Grease removal system – Does it have one?
46. Oil filtration system – Does it have one?
47. Fire protection – Does it meet local fire codes?
48. Installation – Does it come with a qualified installer?
49. Certification – Is it UL/NSF certified?
50. Compliance – Does it meet all local codes and regulations?

Additionally, does the fryer submersion screen size fit into the proofer?  This is important because the screen that comes out of the proofer is the same screen which holds all of the donut that are going to be submerged in oil to fry.

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