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25 different factors one should consider when buying a commercial proofer.

1. Capacity – How large of a proofer do you need?
2. Control system – What type of control system is available on the proofer?
3. Temperature range – What temperature range can the proofer accommodate?
4. Humidity range – What humidity range can the proofer accommodate?
5. Timer – Does the proofer have a timer feature?
6. Power requirements – What are the power requirements for the proofer?
7. Ventilation system – Does the proofer have a built-in ventilation system?
8. Shelves – Does the proofer come with removable shelves or adjustable racks?
9. Noise level – How loud is the proofer when running?
10. Insulation – Is the proofer well-insulated to maintain consistent temperature?
11. Mobility – Is the proofer easy to move and relocate?
12. Durability – Is the proofer well-made and durable?
13. Warranty – What type of warranty is available?
14. Price – How much does the proofer cost?
15. Accessories – Are there any additional accessories available for the proofer?
16. Ease of use – How easy is the proofer to operate?
17. Energy efficiency – Is the proofer energy efficient?
18. Maintenance – What type of maintenance is required for the proofer?
19. Safety – Are there any safety features on the proofer?
20. Lighting – Does the proofer come with interior lighting?
21. Digital displays – Does the proofer have digital displays for temperature, humidity, and timer settings?
22. Interior dimensions – What are the interior dimensions of the proofer?
23. Exterior dimensions – What are the exterior dimensions of the proofer?
24. Weight – How much does the proofer weigh?
25. Brand – What brand of proofer is it?