Robot Accessories –

Robot Accessories


  • Additional Hoppers to improve productivity
  • Additional Plungers to improve productivity 
  • Roto-Cooler (Item #22104). Revolving white polyethylene tray for collecting donuts as they are dispensed from fryer 
  • EZMelt 18. Melter-filter for filtering and recycling oil, with fixed hose connection available for instant refill of fryer. Requires drain and valve. 
  • Shortening Reserve Tank (Item #MKV-1012). Small container for holding oil or shortening above the fryer, with a valve for allowing refills to fryer 
  • Drain Valve for Fryer 
  • Filter Flo Siphon. Alternative to EZMelt for filtering shortening. (No drain required)
  • And Other Accessories