Glazer –


Donut Glazers are a simple and effective time saver, allowing the operator (Baker) to fry and then, glaze yeast and cake donuts in a side by side set up. This is done using a glaze spreader that spreads the glaze quick and even across the donuts.

The glaze is very important; by applying a surgery glaze to baked and fried goods, ensures the end product is sealed from the air improving shelf life.

Apply glazes and icings at 135F to 140F. This recommendation is much higher than those of the past. Lower water levels are needed in the syrup phase at these temperatures and will allow the glaze to flow well and set fast. Our experience shows much better results with this higher glaze and icing application temperatures. Do not allow the temperatures to exceed 145F.

Severe crystallization will occur if the glaze is held at 150F.  This will create a very gritty unstable glaze.