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50 different ways to advertise or promote a donut shop.

1. Develop a website for the donut shop.
2. Create a Facebook page and post regularly.
3. Design a logo for the shop.
4. Place signage outside the shop.
5. Launch a promotional campaign through direct mail.
6. Issue coupons for discounts.
7. Sponsor a local event that attracts donut lovers.
8. Setup a booth at a local fair.
9. Hand out flyers in nearby neighborhoods.
10. Advertise in local newspapers and magazines.
11. Use pay-per-click advertising.
12. Create a contest or giveaway to attract customers.
13. Hold a free donut day.
14. Offer free samples.
15. Make a video about the donut shop and share it on social media.
16. Take advantage of local radio advertising.
17. Run ads on local television stations.
18. Employ guerrilla marketing tactics.
19. Place ads in local newspapers.
20. Introduce a loyalty program.
21. Develop partnerships with other businesses.
22. Create a presence in local markets.
23. Offer discounts for referrals.
24. Start a blog about donuts.
25. Utilize influencers to promote the shop.
26. Offer free shipping on online orders.
27. Put up billboards in strategic locations.
28. Place posters in public places.
29. Post donut recipes on social media.
30. Hang banners in the shop’s vicinity.
31. Run ads in local newsletters.
32. Invest in search engine optimization.
33. Create an email newsletter.
34. Utilize targeted ads on social media.
35. Make a donation to a local charity.
36. Publish press releases.
37. Take advantage of local sponsorships.
38. Network with bloggers.
39. Place ads in local directories.
40. Take part in local trade shows.
41. Participate in local food festivals.
42. Invest in guerrilla marketing tactics.
43. Create a special donut for a certain event.
44. Offer discounts for large orders.
45. Develop a loyalty program.
46. Hang flyers in popular spots.
47. Ask customers to leave reviews on social media.
48. Offer discounts for military personnel.
49. Create a hashtag for the shop.
50. Set up a referral program.
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