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Stick Plunger for Type B/F (1 slot) For Larger Sticks (6 Plunger Sizes Available)

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For Stick donuts in every possible size!

Stick donuts are simple to make with a Stick plunger. This plunger works exactly like any other plunger - batter is forced out of an opening. With a Plain Ring plunger, the opening is ring shaped. With a Ball plunger, the opening is round. With a Stick plunger, the opening is a SLOT. 

  • A larger slot produces a wider and thicker Stick donut. 
  • By turning the depositor dial setting up or down, you can make a longer or shorter Stick donut.

You can choose one slot or two slots in each plunger. 

  • If you choose two slots, only half the amount of batter inside the plunger passes through each slot. That means that the maximum length of each Stick donut will be shorter. 
  • If you choose a larger diameter plunger (say 2 inches), it holds more batter, so more is available for each slot in the plunger, and the maximum length of each Stick donut will be longer. 

All stick plungers are 'special order', unless the requested size is in stock at time of order. Common range of options for Stick plungers are below. Other options may be available.