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Turbofan SK33 Convection Oven Stand

Turbofan SK33 Convection Oven Stand


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Product Features
All stainless steel welded frame oven stand for Turbofan E33D and E33T Series ovens 5 position tray runners standard Welded 1 «? / 38mm and 1 ¬? / 32mm square tube front and rear frames Welded rack supports/side frames 3? / 76mm diameter swivel castors standard with 2 front castors wheel and swivel lock Supplied CKD for assembly on site

Applicable Product Models
E33D5 E33D5/2 E33D5/2C E33T5 E33T5/2 E33T5/2C E32T5 E32T5/2 E32T5/2C E32T5 and SK32 Stand E33T5 and SK33 Stand E33D5 and SK33 Stand

(H) 34-5/8" x (W)  24" x (D) 25-5/8"

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