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Dual Automatic Depositor Kit for Mark VI and Mark VI (Deep) (5 options in Variants available)

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The Dual Depositor Kit automatically deposits 4 cake donuts in each conveyor row of the Mark VI fryer.  The operator has only to fill the hoppers with batter, and the depositors do the rest automatically. The Dual Depositor Kit makes standard size ring donuts only. You cannot make mini donuts using the kit.

1. Unmatched Precision and Consistency
The Belshaw Dual Automatic Depositor Kit for Mark VI is engineered to deliver unparalleled precision in every deposit. Say goodbye to the inconsistencies that can arise from manual operations. This advanced system ensures uniform product size, weight, and shape, enhancing the visual appeal and quality of your baked goods.
2. Incredible Efficiency and Time-Saving
Time is money in the baking business, and this depositor kit is designed to maximize your efficiency. By automating the depositing process, it significantly reduces labor costs and increases throughput. Imagine the ability to produce more in less time without compromising on quality – that’s exactly what the Belshaw Dual Automatic Depositor Kit offers.
3. Proven Reliability and Durability
Belshaw is a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the baking industry. The Dual Automatic Depositor Kit for Mark VI is built to withstand the rigors of daily use in a busy bakery environment. You can trust that this investment will deliver consistent performance for years to come.

The serial number for the retro kit must start with the number 2000 or higher

Production Capacity:

up to 112 dozen/hr • Donut Robot® Mark VI fryer with dual depositor: 112 dozen cake donuts per hour.

• Donut Robot® Mark VI 'Deep' fryer with dual depositor: 91 dozen cake donuts per hour (because Flight Bars are spaced further apart) Production capacity is estimated at 95-second frying time. Actual production rate will vary depending on size and composition of donuts, frying time, frying temperature and percentage of capacity used. What is Included

•(2) Donut Robot® depositors. Each depositor is equipped with a hopper* and 1-9/16" plunger. This plunger can normally produce ring donuts up to 3-1/2" average diameter, and 1-3/4 oz. average weight.

•2 depositor mounting systems

• New motor, compatible with dual depositor system

• All necessary hardware such as nuts, bolts and washers

•Template for installing retrofit dual depositor kit. (for Retrofits only)

* Note: Hopper is not compatible with standard Donut Robot hoppers Electrical The Dual Depositor system connects directly to the Mark VI fryer and does not require any external power source.

For retrofits, an experienced electrician or equipment technician may be needed to replace the fryer motor inside the control panel of the machine.

Ordering information Order the Dual Depositor kit from your Belshaw distributor using one of these part numbers • Part Number: MKVI-1300. For pre-installation on new Mark VI fryer

•Each carton 16"x16"x22", approx 35 lbs (41x41x56 cm, 16 kg)

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