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Belshaw Donut Robot Mark II, Mark V, and Mark VI Fryer Drain Valve for Support Table (2 Variables in Variants)

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Original price $489.90
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2 options available in Variants for the;

                                                Mark II or the Mark V/ Mark VI

Belshaw Fryer Drain Valve for the Supporting Table for the Donut Robot, The EZMelt Filter, and Rack Loader or Roto-Cooler. All Donut Robots except gas models have a short drain with a heavy duty metal cap attached to it, to close it off. This Drain and Valve can be attached to the fryer, instead of the threaded cap. To use the drain and valve, you will need: A hole in the table that holds your fryer to allow the drain and valve to extend through it, enough room under the fryer for the Drain and Valve. The Drain and Valve extends 18" (46cm) below the fryer kettle. If you have this room, it will save A LOT of time and trouble emptying shortening. Instead of siphoning, just let the drain do the work. If you use the Drain and Valve when filtering shortening, you will need a filtration system to remove debris from the shortening. You can use a Belshaw EZMelt 18 or any other effective method. If you have room for the Drain and Valve, it will save A LOT of time and trouble emptying shortening. If you do not have this room under the fryer, the drain and valve will probably not help you, and you should consider the Filter Flo siphon (above) instead. The drain cap that comes standard is NOT designed to screw on and off when you empty shortening. Part # MKVI-0546