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616B Cut-N-Fry for Donuts - Includes Depositor, Plunger, Cylinder, Mount, and Fryer

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616B FRYER WITH TYPE N CAKE DONUT DEPOSITOR FOR DONUTS- Unit is single phase only- (208V or 240V) Comes with a 1 3/4" plain plunger and a 1 3/4" cylinder for donut production. Includes Mounting Bracket to fryer, Type N Depositor.

Compact easy-to-use donut maker that will serve you for years and years - the Cut-N-Fry can also be set up for Loukoumades, Hushpuppies, and more.

Belshaw Adamatic's Cut-N-Fry system includes: a compact 616B fryer, combined with a Type N depositor.

The Cut-N-Fry can make cake and yeast-raised donuts that are equal to the best in the world! The Cut-N-Fry also has kits available for making Hushpuppies and Loukoumades.

The Cut-N-Fry is very compact and uses very little space compared to other fryers. It is also very easy to use, making it a favorite for situations where space is restricted, or where moves are frequent.

  • For Donuts, Plunger and cylinder for the Cut-N-Fry can be purchased separately. Plunger and cylinder size must match exactly. Please see donut accessories for the plunger and cylinder kit.