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Belshaw Donut Robot 1 13/16 inch diameter Plain Plunger

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Donut Robot® Plunger, for Ring Donuts with a Plain pattern around center hole.

13/16 inch diameter Plain Plunger, for Donut Robot ® Mark II, Mark II Gas, and Mark V. Belshaw Adamatic Donut Robot Star Plunger 1-13/16" [DR42-1136] is perfect for your establishment.

The Plain plunger is an alternative to the Star Plunger. Both make ring donuts, but the Star Plunger makes a rounder hole in the center of the donut. A Plain Plunger is fun and unpredictable and makes some wacky center hole shapes. The Star Plunger prefers order and stability, and its center holes are more consistently round, with a tell-tale star pattern around them.

The choice is yours, you can order either a Plain or Star Plunger when you order your Donut Robot®. Both Plain and Star plungers use the same hopper