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Slant Front Display


You’ve seen them in many a bakery and shops and now you’re wondering whether to implement them in your shop or catering business. Do you know the true benefits of using display merchandisers? Here are the top four:

1) Visibility-

Display cases are fixed, clear display containers used to store your products and goods. Display cases are designed for maximum visibility. This ensures your customers create an appetite while shopping and choosing the exact items they desire. In this case, increased visibility for customers equals increased revenues for you.

2) Preserves Freshness

Display cases are closed off to the outside air. This preserves the freshness of your products and goods, preventing getting stale by sitting out in the air all day. This extends shelf-life, ensuring the products can be purchased right away. 

3) Wards off germs

The closed nature of display cases additionally benefits your business and your customers – it prevents countless hands from touching your baked goods and potentially coating them with germs. Namely, in using display cases, you are promoting a cleaner, healthier business and reducing the risk of anyone getting sick from consuming your products.

4) Creates appeal

A benefit of using display cases can be decorated in virtually endless ways. Lay out a fun, festive or frilly cloth or paper beneath your baked goods, style your display case with theme-specific flowers, ribbons or trinkets, or surround your countertop pastry display case with a world of artsy elements that mesh with your shop or event’s vibe. Whether you choose to go all out with the decorations, or let the baked goods in your countertop pastry display case be the focus, your display is sure to be aesthetically pleasing.

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