Belshaw THERMOGLAZE Frozen Donut System TG25

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Ideal for in-stores, and wherever making donuts from scratch is not an option, Belshaw Adamatic's Thermoglaze TG25 is a system that thaws, heats, and glazes pre-fried, frozen donuts with results that equal (and often surpass) the quality of freshly made product.

The TG25 can process all the varieties of frozen donuts currently available including ring donuts, fritters, long johns, cream and jam-filled donuts and many others. Thermoglaze is easy to learn, can be used in front of customers, and requires no ventilation hood.

The TG25 processes approximately 24 dozen donuts per hour. Heating time and temperture can be modified to suit the product.

The TG25 uses half-size 12" X 17" glazing screens holding 12 typical donuts each.

Donuts (or similar product) are thawed in the 8-shelf Thermolizer, located at the right of the machine, with adjustable temperature and humidity controls. Donuts can be held in the Thermolizer for up to 5 hours, enabling finished donuts to be produced on demand in under 5 minutes. After thawing/holding in the Thermolizer, the screens full of donuts are conveyed through the oven.

Once heated in the oven, glaze is pumped up to a dispenser which coats each donut with a 1/8" thick curtain of glaze as they pass through.

After glazing the screens can be placed on a cooling rack. On the opposite side to the Thermolizer, an additional 8-shelf storage (usable either for donuts, or screens) is provided.

For iced donuts, the flow of glaze is turned off, and donuts can be iced on a Belshaw H&I-2 or H&I-4 icer.

Glazing Screens for the Thermoglaze TG-25 are available by putting Thermoglaze TG-25 into the search bar of the website. 20 to 40 screens are recommended with the system based upon volume.