Belshaw Ball Plunger for "Donut Holes" for Type B/F Depositor

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One of the best sellers in all donut shops is donut Holes. This produces the cake donut holes that are popular with your customers.

The best selling variety for the donut hole plunger is the 4 hole plunger. We asked why this is to our customers and most have stated that the 4 hole produces the equivalent of cutting the stores cake donut into 4 slices.  When determining the size you desire consider this analogy of cutting the donut into (2)halves, (3) thirds, (4) fourths or (5) fifths to determine your best size plunger then determine the collar size you prefer for the plunger.

The size of the Ball / Holes is determined by the amount of holes extruded and the amount of dough the settings on the type B/F or set to. The fewer amount of holes on the plunger the larger holes will be produced. The more the amount of cake batter is divided, the smaller the holes will be. If you produce a 2 ounce donut and the batter is divided by two holes then the donut hole size will be approximately 1 ounce. If you purchase the Ball dropper that produces 5 holes at a time then the 2 ounces will be divided to produce approximately .40 ounce donut holes. This is also dependent on the 1 to 3 setting on the Belshaw Type B/F that determines the amount of batter used with each deposit.

Produces ball shaped cake donuts or 'donut holes'. With a compatible mix recipe, can also make other products such as hushpuppies, loukoumades, falafel, fish balls, and more. Contact your distributor when ordering, because there are many size options