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Table Top Automatic Sugar Tumbler w/ automatic Conveyor for Belshaw Mark Vl Fryer

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This Sugar Tumbler is the best method for midsize and large donut producers to apply sugar or cinnamon sugar coatings to donuts of any size or variety. This machine can process up to 150 dozen full size donuts per hour!

  1. Donuts are fried using the Belshaw Mark Vl and deposited after frying onto the large downward sloping chute,
  2. Guides move the product into the tumbler
  3. Tumbler spins sugar & donuts while a spiral rail guides the donuts through the tumbler
  4. Finished donuts receive an even sugar coating, while excess sugar is dropped into the container under tumbler for re-use.
  5. Discharge of donuts can be to any container, screen or other conveyor.

Sugar Tumbler - Table Top - 

Conveyor Connecting to Belshaw Mark VI Fryer

Stainless Steel Construction


Great for Mini or Regular Size Donuts

Condition New