Donut Robot Mixes & Shortening –

Donut Robot Mixes & Shortening

Placing the equipment in your store is the easy part. Your customers are going to purchase your product based upon their experience. A good experience is created by serving the best product with great customer service

To create a quality product that separates and lifts you above the competition, you cant use the exact same mixes the stores in your area are using. The mixes we sell have been tested in the machines to be the best. Created and sold exclusively by a Midwest distributor in central U.S. that ships to your door. 

50 Pounds 

Samples can be obtained in our Shortening & Mixes section. Shipping is not a issue, we will ship 200 pounds to a container load (45,000 pounds) anywhere in the contiguous U.S. for only 249.00 Flat Rate. Check out for more details or order here.